50 High Quality Free templates using CSS & XHTML : Part 1
Posted on Blog by Creative Camel on Wednesday, 02 February 2011 09:22

If Here we are with our first technical post on Creative Camel, I have compiled about 50 XHTML & CSS Templates all hand picked for you to make it yours. There are a lot of really professional and high quality XHTML, CSS templates available for free, you can download them and modify those css and images to get a new look for your site and You can learn many new techniques just by studying code of theose tempaltes. These templates are free of charge, however look for there license before using it. Here are the first part of free templates, I selected only those templates which are visually appealing and were interesting in their CSS & XHTML code usage, Feel free to download the tempaltes and post your valuable comments to make me do such more things.

1. Dark Dimension XHTML And CSS Template


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